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NBA Live Mobile – Fire and Ice live Events & Sets

NBA Live Mobile hosts a winter program, Fire and Ice, during which players participate in live events, open packs, and complete sets.

Fire and Ice, the NBA Live Mobile holiday program, has just started and players are excited about the activities and rewards the program brings. Special tokens, live events, sets, and packs are available throughout the program.

Players will start by completing live events. The live events map is opened from the home screen. Once the live events map is active, players should start looking for the event called 12 Days of Christmas. Players will use their NBA lineup to complete this easy event and get five Milk and Cookies tokens the first time they successfully complete it. There is another event with the same name but players will be required to use their Classic lineup for this one. The first win comes with NBA Live Mobile Coins and tokens.


There are some live events called Milk and Cookies. Players will use specific players such as the shooting guard player from the NBA lineup or the point guard player from the Classic lineup for these events. The rewards are received in a similar manner. Players get five tokens for the first win but also an extra reward that can be a token or even a player.

The Milk and Cookies tokens are used to complete sets. When players open the Sets screen, they will notice a new tab called Presents. There are three sets that can be completed. The first set is called Chance at Present. It’s the easiest set that can be finished with just five Milk and Cookies tokens. In exchange for these five tokens, players get the chance to obtain a present. The second set, Gold Present, has a guaranteed present as reward but it’s more expensive to complete.


For 25 tokens, players will get a gold present. The Elite Present set requires 250 tokens. The reward is an elite present. These presents contain various useful items. Players that want to get Milk and Cookies tokens quickly are invited to head to the store. There is a pack that can be bought for 1,999 NBA Cash and contains 40 tokens.

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